Dr. Swann disappointed by Power Purchase Arrangement fiasco

Edmonton, AB (July 25, 2016): Following the Alberta government’s announcement they were taking former Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) holders to court, Dr. David Swann has expressed his displeasure with both the regulations enacted by the former government and the failure by the current government to understand the consequences of their actions.

In addition to announcing the court challenge, Deputy Premier Hoffman declared that the PPA regulations had been changed at the last minute due to lobbying by Enron and that the changes were kept secret.

“The former government tried to deregulate Alberta’s power grid but instead created a system where the producers were completely protected, leaving Albertans on the hook for potential losses,” Swann said. “If the accusations made today by the Deputy Premier are correct, the PCs made a mockery of public process and Alberta families are the ones who will suffer.”

Swann also believes the government should have done a better job of fact checking before making changes that affected PPA owners.

“The current government should have been one hundred percent clear on the PPA contracts before making the changes which created this bizarre situation,” Swann continued. “At the end of the day there are no excuses for being ignorant of such vital information.”

Dr. David Swann calls on government to quickly implement recommendations of the Auditor General and Child and Youth Advocate

CALGARY, AB (July 19th, 2016): Dr. David Swann welcomed today’s release of reports by the Auditor General (AG) and the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate (OCYA) on child and family services to indigenous peoples, and called on the government to implement the recommendations of these offices with all possible haste.

“Decades have gone by with much the same findings year after year,” Swann said of the reports. “Timely, meaningful action is what’s now required.”

The two reports by the Auditor General and the Child and Youth Advocate revealed an inability by the Human Services Ministry to effectively incorporate aboriginal cultural understanding into its practices and highlighted the need for better reporting and evaluation of delivered services.

Recommendations contained within the reports overlap with those of previous reports (including Valuing Mental Health of which Dr. Swann was co-chair), stressing an integrated system that works with indigenous communities to identify problems early and quickly refer individuals to needed treatment.

“Early intervention, child-centred services and community supports are themes that return time and again,” Swann continued. “Those who work in these areas are committed to their jobs and we need to provide systems that can support them and the indigenous communities they serve.

“The problems faced by indigenous children and families in Alberta are serious and well known. What’s been missing is the political will to address challenges and make required changes,” concluded Swann.

Dr. David Swann celebrates and challenges citizens on Canada Day

CALGARY, AB (JULY 1st, 2016): Dr. David Swann issued the following statement to celebrate Canada Day:

“Canada Day is a day for us to gather with friends and family to celebrate our free, inclusive, and generous communities. As we enjoy our time together I hope that everyone takes some time to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in such a society, and how far we’ve come to get here.

Although there is still progress to be made on many issues, especially healing and success for our Indigenous peoples, I have faith that we will continue to forge ahead with the same compassion, courage and wisdom that defines our nation’s spirit.

“I would like to wish you all a Happy Canada Day. Ours is a great country, and one that is learning to celebrate our cultural diversity. Every one of us has the power to make it just a little bit better.”