Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann blast NDP year-end financial results

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann issue release on the 2017-18 Alberta Government year-end financial results:

Khan stated, “Albertans continue to suffer through a jobless recovery while the NDP Government continues to ride the resource revenue roller coaster.

“Income tax revenue is $402 million short of the NDP’s own Budget projections. Albertans have to be working to pay income taxes. More Albertans are forced to be self-employed just to give themselves a pay cheque.”

Khan added, “Corporate tax income is $470 million lower than forecasted. Businesses are going bankrupt or moving away. NDP policies continue to drive investment away from this Province.

“The current $8 billion deficit has been reduced by a $1.9 billion increase in non-renewable resource revenue. Getting a lucky bounce in oil prices is not a financial plan.

“Albertans still have $8 billion reasons to be very unhappy with these financial results. The NDP are still riding the resource roller coaster. That ride will go off the rail if oil prices fall again.”

Swann stated, “Alberta Liberals would tackle this problem with pro-growth tax reform that would expand the economy and boost Government revenue to pay for social services. The NDP are mortgaging Albertans’ future and their children’s future with a current debt over $43 billion. The annual interest payments on that debt are $1.4 billion.

“Government spending is $400 million higher than last year and Albertans are not getting value for their money. Government spending isn’t going towards reducing class sizes. It’s not going towards boosting AISH payments. And the massive health budget isn’t reducing wait times.

“We don’t have to spend more. We have to spend more wisely. Albertans simply can’t afford this NDP Government.”

Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann calls for PChAD reform

Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann has issued the following release in response to today’s provincial Child and Youth Advocate’s report on the opioid deaths of 12 young children:

Swann stated, “This report makes it clear that our mental health and addictions care is fragmented. We are not adequately integrating families or Government agencies in the care process.

“The care we are providing is too crisis focused. We need to start investing resources in prevention and early intervention as recommended in the Valuing Mental Health Report.

“Most striking is the need to review and reform the Protection of Children Abusing Drugs Act (PChAD). Young Albertans are placed in this program as a last resort. It is unclear what treatments they are given and what, if any, follow-up supports they are given.

“This is especially concerning given many patients make harmful connections at PChAD facilities that help facilitate their addiction issues. They need continued support after they leave PChAD facilities.

“I’m calling on the Justice Minister to launch a formal review of PChAD and report the results to all Albertans.

“The Progressive Conservatives created this mess with their antiquated views on addiction. The UCP made it worse by stigmatizing addictions. The NDP are failing to move quickly enough to reform the system..

“Now is the time for a comprehensive strategy that emphasizes early education, promotes prevention and fully integrates family, community, government and non-governmental services.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann release statement on 5th Anniversary of the 2013 Calgary Flood

Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann have issued the following joint release:

“Five years ago today Calgarians, were faced with a catastrophic event, the costliest flood in Canadian history.

“Facing this crisis, the people of Calgary proved their resilience by coming together to rebuild after the destruction of homes and property. On this day we should take time to appreciate the incredible community spirit Calgarians displayed in response to the flood.

“We also need to look at preventing and mitigating future floods to prevent a disaster on this scale from occurring again.

“Alberta has been described as the “Natural Disaster Capital” by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. It is time the NDP Government began to develop new strategies for disaster mitigation and relief that will protect all Albertans.

“Alberta Liberals are calling for the development of low-cost comprehensive government-supported overland flood insurance, something other G7 countries ensure their citizens are protected by. Both the Alberta and Federal Governments must collaborate together to make this plan a reality.”

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann repeats call for NDP to help Fort Mac condo owners

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann has issued the following release:

Hillview Condo owners are getting hammered again after suffering the loss of their homes to the Fort McMurray wildfire. They are now facing a $20,000 fee to receive info from their own condo board on the rebuild of their homes.

Swann stated “It’s absurd they have to pay $20,000 dollars to receive information from their own condo board. Alberta Liberals are renewing their call for beefed up regulations to guarantee condo owners information from their condo boards.”

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann went to bat for these condo owners in the Legislature but received evasive answers from the NDP Government.

Swann stated, “Condo owners in Fort Mac and across Alberta are not being fully protected because the NDP is unwilling to enact regulations under the Condominium Property Act. This after the Act passed four years ago. Clearly, this is having real and very serious consequences for all Albertan condo owners.

“We’ve also demanded this Government create a dispute resolution board to resolve these situations. The NDP Government should be making low-cost legal services available to disaster victims who have lost their homes to disasters or major accidents.

“Alberta condo owners will continue to suffer while the NDP Government continues to drag its feet on these important regulatory changes.”

David Swann has sent a letter to the Minister of Service Alberta expressing his concerns on this issue.

Alberta Liberals say it’s a bad decision by the NDP Government to drop Associate Health Minister from Cabinet

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann issue this release on the NDP government dropping the Associate Health Minister from Cabinet:

Khan stated, “The health portfolio needs two cabinet ministers. Its nearly half the provincial budget and is too big for any one minister to handle. The NDP Government has made another bad decision by eliminating the position of Associate Health Minister. It sends the wrong message to Albertans.

“We’re facing major issues in health care like EMS Red Alerts, the Opioid Crisis, a bloated AHS bureaucracy, and chronic underfunding for mental health and preventative health. The NDP have failed to adequately address these issues.

“The NDP talk about UCP cuts to health care. But this Government has done little to improve health care for Albertans. Now, they are cutting a key health care voice from Cabinet.”

Dr. Swann stated, “I had a good working relationship with the former Associate Health Minister. I’m very disappointed to see the NDP suddenly eliminate this key position. I will continue to hold the NDP Government to account on the health care file.

“Health care issues are numerous and complex. Clearly this NDP Government is not serious about fixing these issues when it eliminates a frontline health care cabinet minister.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann release statement on Eid al-Fitr

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann have released the following statement on Eid al-Fitr:

“Today is Eid al-Fitr, a day that marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, reflection and community service for Muslims.

“Across Alberta Muslims will be gathering in Mosques, parks and public spaces to celebrate the end of their month of fasting, spirituality and service to those less fortunate.

“We would like to wish Eid Mubarak to all Muslims today. After a month of fasting and spiritual reflection and replenishment we hope you enjoy your much-deserved celebration.

“The Alberta Liberals proudly count diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism among our core values. We are proud to have Muslims add their cultural diversity to our great province.

“May this Eid al-Fitr by a joyous one for Muslims across the province.”

Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann statement on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). Governments, citizens and community organizations across the world work together to raise awareness of elder abuse on WEAAD..

Swann stated, “Elder abuse is a serious issue that impacts many Albertans and we all have to do more.

“Elder abuse is any action or inaction that jeopardizes the health or safety of an older adult. Neglect is one of the most common forms of elder abuse. We must have conversations. We must have open and frank discussions of solutions. It’s not enough to simply acknowledge the challenges..

“4-6% of elders will suffer elder abuse in their lives. Often the abuse is committed by someone known to the elder, such as a family member, friend, or caregiver.

“We must all collaborate to raise awareness of elder abuse and develop strategies to prevent it.

“On this WEAAD let us remember elder abuse is everyone’s responsibility.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann discuss ending of the Legislature Session

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann have issued the following release on the end of the 2018 Spring Session of the Alberta Legislature:

Swann stated, “The Alberta Liberals provided credible and constructive criticism this session in the Legislature. We worked with and supported the Government on important Bills like 9 (“Abortion Bubble Zone Bill”).

“But, we voted against bad legislation like Bill 12 (“Turn off the Taps Bill”). Alberta Liberals were the only party to stand against this draconian legislation that will harm Albertans and our energy industry.

“On the other hand, the UCP official opposition tried to score cheap political points by dragging out the session. They opposed the Government on nearly every issue without offering a credible alternative vision.”

Khan stated, “We supported the Trans Mountain Pipeline project because it was important for creating jobs and revitalizing the Alberta economy, transporting our energy products to new markets in the safest way.
However, we opposed Bill 12. Cutting off oil to B.C. would be a self-destructive strategy that would create a backlash against Alberta. It did not end protests against the pipeline. It did not help build the TM project.

“Bill 12 was poor political theatre and the Premier admitted that. Bill 12 was a low point for this Government.

“It was Federal Liberal diplomacy and compromise that moved this project forward.

“The NDP are failing on progressive issues. This Government did make positive changes this session with Bill 9. But the NDP fell down on so many other areas.

“AISH is still not indexed to inflation.

“Legal Aid is still underfunded by nearly $60 million.

“The NDP’s childcare program is still not means-tested.

“Alberta is still without pay equity legislation.

“Alberta still has the largest gender pay gap in Canada.

“Alberta still has a $9.1 Billion deficit.

“Alberta still has a projected $96 Billion debt.

“The Spring Session may be over. But the Alberta Liberals will keep on fighting for these important issues.

Alberta Liberals will keep on fighting for all Albertans.”

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan and MLA David Swann demand more preparation for Cannabis Legalization

 Alberta Liberals David Khan and David Swann have issued the following release on the legalization of cannabis:

Khan stated, “Alberta Liberals are concerned the NDP Government isn’t fully preparing Albertans for the risks that comes with pot legalization. My biggest concern is the impact on youth.

“I support legalization, but we should be taking important steps to mitigate increased risks that may be associated with legalized cannabis.

“Albertans under 25 may be at most risk. Cannabis use may have a detrimental effect on a developing brain up to the age of 25, according to Ottawa’s Public Health Agency.

“The NDP Government must put forward a robust cannabis health education program in our schools. That’s what any responsible Government should do. That public health education should be bolstered with an online campaign targeting post-secondary institutions and adults aged 18-25.”

Swann added, “There are also concerns about how legalization will impact mental health. Use of the drug among youth is associated with increased risk in developing serious mental health problems, including depression and schizophrenia. It is also associated with higher rates of school failure.

“The NDP Government must fund both monitoring this situation and providing more mental health supports.”

Khan and Swann are both supporters of legalization, despite these concerns.

The Alberta Liberals were the first sitting party in the province to adopt formal policy supporting cannabis legalization.

Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann questions NDP Government on leaving Condo Owners Behind

Liberal MLA David Swann has issued the following release on Fort McMurray condo owners left behind by the NDP Government:

MLA David Swann says the NDP Government’s inadequate policies have failed condo owners of Hillview Park Condominium Complex which was destroyed in 2016 during the Fort McMurray wildfire.

“Their lives have been turned upside and they cannot turn to the NDP Government for solutions.

“I’ve spoken with concerned citizens whose homes were destroyed in the Fort McMurray disaster. They are coping with the stress and emotional trauma of losing their residence to the 2016 fire. They are also dealing with legal entanglements during the rebuild that have been exacerbated by weak NDP policies.

“These condo owners are facing extreme financial barriers with their legal issues. They are unable to access information from their own condo boards pertinent to the rebuilding project. They are being given no recourse to a dispute resolution system. They are not being treated fairly.

“In the four years since the Condominium Property Act was passed but there are still no regulations to create a much needed dispute resolution board. Nor is there a guaranteed access to information for condominium owners from their own condo boards. This makes it extremely difficult to deal with complex legal issues.

“This is even worse for victims of disaster who have lost their home to catastrophic accident or natural event like those at Hillview Park Condominium Complex. The NDP Government needs to provide solutions including pro bono or low-cost legal services available to people whose lives have been turned upside down and clearly can’t afford a lawyer.”