Dr. David Swann calls for a ban on cosmetic pesticide use

Calgary, AB (August 30th, 2016): Dr. David Swann expressed his concern with today’s report from the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), which revealed lax regulation of cosmetic pesticides in Alberta.

The report, which compared provincial regulation and municipal bylaws regarding pesticide use across the country, found that the only government body regulating pesticide use in Alberta was the Summer Village of Grandview. Municipal and provincial decision makers, the report notes, rely on the federal government’s licensing of specific chemicals to ensure the safety of Albertans instead of making efforts to control usage.

“I have spent years speaking out against cosmetic pesticide use, dating back to when I helped create Calgary’s first pesticide-free park across from my own house,” said Dr. Swann. “We do not know all the harmful effects of biocides but these are biological poisons with growing evidence of long term health consequences.

“I am disappointed that the public health officers have not been public in calling for a ban on cosmetic pesticides,” Dr. Swann continued. “The current system has too little oversight and makes it easy to overuse these dangerous chemicals.

“The province has a responsibility to manage pesticide use to ensure the lowest impact on the environment and public health.”