Dr. David Swann celebrates and challenges citizens on Canada Day

CALGARY, AB (JULY 1st, 2016): Dr. David Swann issued the following statement to celebrate Canada Day:

“Canada Day is a day for us to gather with friends and family to celebrate our free, inclusive, and generous communities. As we enjoy our time together I hope that everyone takes some time to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in such a society, and how far we’ve come to get here.

Although there is still progress to be made on many issues, especially healing and success for our Indigenous peoples, I have faith that we will continue to forge ahead with the same compassion, courage and wisdom that defines our nation’s spirit.

“I would like to wish you all a Happy Canada Day. Ours is a great country, and one that is learning to celebrate our cultural diversity. Every one of us has the power to make it just a little bit better.”