Dr. David Swann releases statement on Earth Day

EDMONTON, AB (April 22nd, 2016): Dr. David Swann released the following statement today to mark Earth Day:

“It has now been 46 years since the first Earth Day. In that time we have seen enormous changes worldwide in environmental consciousness and attitudes. Today, Canada joined 169 other countries in signing the historic Paris Agreement, demonstrating just how far we’ve come since that first Earth Day in 1970.

Albertans, too, have seen significant changes in attitude towards the environment.

My first years as an MLA were mostly spent fighting Alberta governments who were unable or unwilling to shift their ideology about climate change and environmental stewardship. Under the current government we have seen numerous positive changes to the way Alberta manages its resources. It is this type of leadership which will create the goodwill necessary to build the national and international projects which are so vital to our economy.

Earth Day is about remembering that we all share the same air, the same water and the same fragile ecosystem. We are all in this together and the actions we take now will determine the future of our planet and the future of our children and grandchildren who will inherit it.”