Dr. David Swann says shuttering of Calgary Urban Project Society clinic highlights need for dental reform

EDMONTON, AB (APRIL 25th, 2016): News that the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) is suspending its dental services this month comes as a deep disappointment, says Dr. David Swann. The shuttering of the clinic, which was one of the small number of institutions servicing people without insurance, leaves vulnerable Albertans with even fewer options for critical dental care.

“Last week I wrote to the Health Minister asking for policies to increase access to dental health care in Alberta,” said Dr. Swann. “Dental care in Alberta is the most expensive in Canada, and the Minister needs to take action on reform sooner rather than later.”

In 2015 the CUPS clinic helped 375 patients without insurance, which totalled to approximately $100,000 worth of free care. It is one of several non-profit services attempting to fill gaps in service aggravated by policies of the combined Dental Association and College.

“Minister Hoffman has promised to look into the policies of the Alberta Dental Association and College with a view to either separation or further regulation,” said Dr. Swann. “I’m hopeful that a year from now, when CUPS looks to reopen their doors, meaningful change in Alberta’s dental landscape will have been accomplished.”