Dr. David Swann wishes Albertans a happy Heritage Day

CALGARY, AB (August 1st, 2016): Dr. David Swann made the following statement in honour of Heritage Day:

“On Heritage Day we remind ourselves that ours is a province whose past, present, and future is shaped by cultures and traditions from all over the world. From aboriginal peoples that have lived on this land for thousands of years to new Canadians still settling into their homes, Alberta has been built on enormous and lasting contributions from people of innumerable colours, languages, and creeds.

“This day reminds us that our diversity is our strength, and always has been. Alberta is always made stronger through people coming together from all walks of life to build great communities, and thus a great society. Our neighbours’ unique backgrounds and understanding of the world enrich us not only as Albertans, but as human beings.

“Given the ethnic and religious tensions in other parts of the world, we must remember our nation has an important role in our experiment with diversity. Heritage Day is a day to gather with our friends and neighbours and celebrate our differences; on behalf of myself and the Alberta Liberals, I wish you all a happy one.”