Dr. David Swann celebrates overdue farm worker protections on Alberta Farm Workers Day

CALGARY, AB (August 20th, 2016): Dr. David Swann made the following statement on Alberta Farm Workers Day:

“This Farm Workers Day is a particularly special one. For years, I have called on successive Progressive Conservative governments to protect the basic rights of farm workers and bring Alberta in line with the rest of Canada.

“Despite serious government errors in communication, I was proud to support the protection and benefits the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act provides. Farmworkers, farmers and Alberta’s access to foreign markets are all supported by this bill.

“Despite these vital protections, some political leaders in Alberta are speaking of repealing this bill in what can only be called crass political opportunism.

“It is shameful Alberta took so long to provide farmworkers with the protections every other employee in Alberta receives, despite injuries and deaths every year. The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act is an enormous step towards addressing that shame. What remains now is to move ahead as quickly as possible to implement standard workplace safety and labour laws, so we can put an end to the preventable injuries that happen every day in this province.

“Farm workers provide the food we lay on our table and are the backbone of Alberta’s thriving agriculture sector. They have the thanks and best wishes of myself and the Alberta Liberals.”