Dr. David Swann calls for fatality review in death of David McQueen

Calgary, AB (February 10, 2016): Dr. David Swann has written to the Fatality Review Board asking for a fatality inquiry into the death of David McQueen

“This request is not to find fault with any particular party but to understand how such an event came to happen,” said Swann. “Asking for the inquiry was a promise I made immediately after the tragic event and after I discovered Mr. McQueen had previously been in touch with my office.”

Prior to his death, Mr. McQueen had been in touch with the constituency offices of several Calgary politicians. His last contact with Swann’s constituency of Calgary Mountain View was approximately a year ago.

“Our systems may have failed in many areas before Mr. McQueen started shooting a gun at police. I, and also those in the health and justice systems, would like to know what we could have done differently,” Swann concluded.