Dr. David Swann challenges Albertans to break down stigma for Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Calgary, AB (February 1, 2017): Dr. David Swann released the following statement to mark Eating Disorder Awareness Week:

“Most of us take for granted the privilege of being able to enjoy a good meal without fear and anxiety. Eating is a universal human experience, and many of us value the simple pleasure of our favourite comfort food.

“For the many Albertans that suffer from an eating disorder, however, food is a source of angst and mental discomfort from which they cannot escape. Earlier identification and better counselling resources in our health system can help those afflicted recover; the most important thing we can do as citizens, however, is reach out with compassion and support.

“As with any mental illness, the greatest barrier to treatment of an eating disorder is fear of being dismissed or shunned. Only by breaking down the stigma surrounding eating disorders can we remove this barrier.”