Dr. David Swann marks 40th annual National Non-Smoking Week

Calgary, AB (January 16, 2017): Dr. David Swann issued the following statement in honour of National Non-Smoking Week:

“This week marks forty years since National Non-Smoking Week was first instituted by the Canadian Council for Tobacco Control in 1977. In that time we have witnessed a cultural shift in attitudes towards tobacco use as the dangers of its use become better known.

“I am pleased to see this progress, but there is still work to be done. As of 2013, 16% of Albertans still smoked – putting both their own health and that of those around them at risk. We must ensure that those who are trying to quit have access to support and resources, and that awareness programs are sustained so that the smoking rate continues to decline.

“I further believe that we should conduct a review of the current tax on tobacco, and perhaps raise it. The revenues could then go to prevention programs for chronic diseases, including those caused by tobacco use. The proposed Wellness Foundation through the University of Alberta would be an excellent focus.”