Dr. David Swann reacts to today’s Government Cabinet shuffle

Calgary, AB (January 19, 2017): In reaction to the government’s Cabinet shuffle today, Dr. David Swann welcomed the dismantling of the Human Services ministry, but raised concerns about yet more upheaval and instability in the Municipal Affairs portfolio.

“I am thrilled to see the lumbering behemoth that was the Ministry of Human Services finally reduced to a manageable size,” said Swann. “This marks the end of a failed multi-year government experiment in cost cutting that has done little to improve the lives of our most vulnerable populations – especially children and families in distress.

“However, I am concerned that Minister Larivee was shifted from her position as head of Municipal Affairs as part of this change,” Swann continued. “Shaye Anderson will be the third Municipal Affairs Minister in less than two years of this government being in power. Even prior to that, the position was a veritable revolving door in the final years of the previous government. Given the importance of municipalities and the recently updated Municipal Government Act, this recurring upheaval is worrisome. So many MLAs have backgrounds in social work and would likely be capable of handling Children’s Services – why does the Municipal Affairs portfolio have to suffer to put out a political fire in Human Services?

“I congratulate Minister Anderson on his appointment to Cabinet nevertheless, and I know that Minister Larivee will do well in her new position,” Swann concluded.