Economic Advisory Council Comes Too Late for Budget

CALGARY, AB (October 14, 2015): Dr. David Swann welcomed the announcement of a new premier’s economic advisory committee but expressed it comes too late for the provincial budget, scheduled to be tabled in less than two weeks.

“This government has been in power for almost five months and they are just now seeking advice on how to stimulate and diversify our economy?” asks Swann. “The provincial budget is going to be presented in less than two weeks and obviously none of the valuable expertise from this committee will find its way into that document.

“Clearly the government has put the cart before the wagon in its budget preparations.”

Swann added that he hopes that, when the budget is tabled, it will reflect the need for a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach aimed at stimulating the Alberta economy.

Alberta Liberals have called for the following budget measures to be implemented:

  • Boosting infrastructure spending to repair Alberta’s roads, bridges, and hospitals and build new schools, waste water facilities, affordable housing, and public transit. This spending can be debt financed but there must be a clear debt repayment plan.
  • Eliminating the small business tax  by immediately lowering the rate by one percentage point and reduce it by an additional point every year until it is eliminated.
  • Shield Innovation and Advanced Education from any cuts in the upcoming provincial budget and ensure that their budget keeps up with inflation and population growth. This will encourage economic diversification and new technology initiatives.
  • Create financial incentives to encourage the creation of new, clean technologies in the private sector.

“Alberta families want to see an investment in their needs and government leadership to stimulate and diversify our economy. This work should have begun months ago.”