Government Managers Need to be Held Responsible: Swann

CALGARY, AB (August 29, 2015): Dr. David Swann called on the NDP to dismiss managers in the ministry of Innovation & Advanced Education who have been found to have committed “gross mismanagement of public funds.”

“The NDP were elected on a promise to restore accountability to government,” says Swann. “Their response to the actions of these managers are the first test of that commitment. If they do not fire these individuals, they will have failed to fulfil that promise.”

Following revelations that three managers in Innovation & Advanced Education manipulated the awarding of contracts, Minister Deron Bilous did not outline what disciplinary actions were taken. Swann says that under the circumstances the only acceptable solution is for the employees to be fired.

“This is a matter of restoring the public’s trust in their government and making it clear that those who violate that trust will face the consequences.”