Government still only treading water on flood mitigation

EDMONTON, AB (March 11, 2015): Dr. David Swann says today’s report by the Auditor General is a disturbing indication that the government is failing on flood mitigation.

“The Auditor General’s words and findings are chilling,” says Swann. “It raises grave doubts about the government’s ability to manage another flood, less than two years after the worst flood disaster in Alberta history.”

The Auditor General report confirms what I have long argued, that the flood mitigation maps being used by the government to identify flood plains are outdated and ineffective, with some maps over 20 years old and some areas not even mapped.

The report also confirms that the government is not managing development in flood zones, which will escalate the cost and human risk should another flood occur.

“The government is failing to restrict or regulate development in flood zones,” says Swann. “As a result, they must adopt our proposal of creating a mandatory public flood insurance policy in order to mitigate the financial cost of another flood.”

I am calling on the government to swiftly implement all of the Auditor General’s recommendations and report on their progress to the legislature.

“The safety of Albertans is at play here,” says Swann. “The government must act immediately to update their flood maps, along with implementing all other recommendations.”