Kananaskis Golf Course a Legacy of Government Mismanagement

CALGARY, AB (September 30, 2015): Dr. David Swann expressed his regret today that the mismanagement of the former PC regime continues to force taxpayers dollars to be spent on a golf course leased by a firm with Tory connections.

“To this day I think the only party that thinks fixing a golf course was the right priority for taxpayer dollars is the PC party,” says Swann. “Sadly, it seems the old regime was successful in protecting their friends’ interests even in the case of a change of government.”

An examination of the costs involved in cancelling the contract requiring taxpayers to pay for the cleanup of the Kananaskis have confirmed that proceeding with the cleanup is the most cost effective solution. However, Swann is calling on the government to proceed with the intent of eventually getting out of the golf business.

“The government has promised Albertans that they do not support the use of public money for things like this,” says Swann. “If there are opportunities over the life of the existing agreement to recoup our costs and end this contract early, the government should be pursuing that.”