New Government Must Live up to Promise on Calgary Cancer Centre

CALGARY, AB (June 8, 2015): Dr. David Swann is calling on the NDP government to live up to its promise to build the Calgary Cancer Centre as originally planned, at the Foothills location.

“This project has been dangled over the heads of Calgarians for years now,” says Swann. “It is time to end the stalling and get to work on getting it built.”

Swann’s comments come as the Health Minister informed the media that the government has not made any decisions on the location for the long promised and much needed new Cancer Centre.

“The NDP was crystal clear when the previous government changed the proposed location for the centre, they felt it needed to get built and built as originally planned,” says Swann. “While it is appropriate to be consulting on costs and speaking with stakeholders on a major project, this centre has been studied and discussed for almost a decade. Meanwhile, Albertans are suffering and this needs to be a top priority.

“We have dealt with more than enough inconsistency from governments on this issue.”