Government cannot balance the books on the backs of frontline workers

CALGARY, AB (February 27, 2015): Dr. David Swann is calling on the premier to stop his continued public attacks on frontline workers in Alberta.

“This premier is going on a corporate lecture tour telling Albertans our frontline workers should be expected to sacrifice more and more to make up for the PC budget crisis,” says Swann. “In reality, it is the government who is to blame because of their decades of fiscal irresponsibility.”

Swann’s comments come one day after Premier Prentice told Calgary’s Canadian Club that frontline workers need to ‘share the burden’ of Alberta’s revenue imbalance.

“These workers already carry the burden of keeping Albertans safe, healthy, educated, and supported at vulnerable times. They do so everyday under incredibly difficult circumstances, made more difficult by constant government underfunding and mismanagement.”

I support frontline workers and will oppose any effort to cover the government budget crisis at their expense.