Revolving Door at AHS Leadership Leaves Public’s Heads Spinning

CALGARY, AB (November 27, 2015): Dr. David Swann says that the latest resignation in Alberta Health Services’ senior leadership demonstrates that disorder at AHS continues and expressed concern that such disorder continues to affect patient care.

“We continue to see a revolving door of senior leadership and a great deal of confusion in roles in our health care system,” says Swann. “This is our seventh AHS CEO in six years. Our system desperately needs stability, and clarity on the roles and responsibilities between the ministry and AHS as our delivery operator. Staff and patients need this disorder and confusion to end.

In 2012, the Health Quality Council identified confusion between AHS and Alberta Health as a major problem that needs to be resolved, yet little progress has been made in outlining responsibilities.

Swann has also repeatedly called for the re-instatement of an arms-length AHS board to set the long term vision for AHS. The NDP recently announced a new board reporting to the Minister.

“Our best chance to improve operations at AHS during these repeated periods of transition in leadership is to give the board mandate and freedom to establish long term goals based on best evidence and best practices,” say Swann.