Statement by David Swann: New Measures a Good First Step in Tackling Child Poverty

CALGARY, AB (November 12, 2015): Dr. David Swann today welcomed the recently announced Alberta Child Benefit, calling it a good step towards ending child poverty.

“I congratulate the government on taking positive steps to help Alberta families who are most in need,” says Swann. “These initiatives reflect liberal values and our collective goal to end child poverty. I’m willing to give credit where it is due.”

Swann says the government’s actions also highlight the need to take other steps to address child poverty, in particular investing in early childhood development.

“Addressing child poverty is not a one-step process,” says Swann. “Research such as the Early Childhood Development Mapping Project, has shown that better investment in early childhood development is a key way to improve outcomes for children in Alberta.

“Now is the time to improve outcomes for the next generation of Albertans, regardless of income, background, or where they live in this great province.”