Statement from David Swann: Premier’s Office Cuts

CALGARY, AB (February 25, 2015): Dr. David Swann has released the following statement in response to the 5% cut to the Premier’s office budget:

“Today’s announcement of a 5% cut to Premier’s Office staff pay is a symbolic gesture that will now be used as political cover to justify the Premier’s pending attack on hardworking frontline workers in this province.

“Make no mistake, no reduction to the salaries of highly paid senior political staff will justify asking our teachers, nurses, or paramedics to pay the price for years of government fiscal mismanagement.

“We have seen this cynical and sorry tactic from premiers in the past as they have repeatedly slashed the budgets of front line services to respond to recurring and predictable drops in the price of oil.

“The solution to our revenue imbalance is not to make symbolic gestures for political purposes or pointed comments directed at our public service. The solution is to make better financial decisions than those made during decades of irresponsible government.”