Statement by David Swann: Rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline

CALGARY, AB (November 6, 2015): Dr. David Swann released the following statement on the rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline by the Obama administration:

“I am disappointed that the United States government has rejected TransCanada’s application to build the Keystone XL pipeline. This project was arguably in the best economic interests of both Alberta and the United States, and would have created thousands of jobs on both sides of the border.

“Alberta’s next steps are clear – it is absolutely imperative that we help build and promote social license through strong environmental regulations and real action on climate change. We must also create new economic opportunities for industry, and work with our partners in Confederation to ensure that other pipeline projects do get built.”

“Over the last seven years, Keystone evolved into a proxy war over climate change. This was in spite of findings by the U.S. state department which showed that the pipeline could be built without undue environmental harm and consequences. Sadly, the former PC government’s abyssal record on the environment tarnished Alberta’s international reputation in a way that, in the end, TransCanada simply couldn’t overcome.

“Should the opportunity present itself and if the project remains economically viable, I am hopeful that TransCanada will consider reapplying in the future.