Statement by David Swann: Repeal of Bill 45

EDMONTON, AB (March 19, 2015): Dr. David Swann issued the following statement on the government’s announcement that they would repeal Bill 45:

“We welcome today’s announcement that the government will repeal the anti-union, anti-worker Bill 45. This unconstitutional piece of legislation should never have been passed by this government and I will support its speedy repeal.

“The repeal of Bill 45 is the correction of a mistake. However, much more work is needed to repair the government’s tattered relationship with Alberta’s frontline workers.

“For the past several months the premier has gone on a lecture tour across Alberta blaming Alberta’s doctors, nurses, teachers, paramedics, and other public servants for the budgetary crisis created by government fiscal mismanagement.

“The repeal of an un-proclaimed anti-worker bill will make little difference if, next week, this government brings forward a budget that attacks frontline workers once again.

“I support frontline workers and will oppose any effort to cover the government budget crisis at their expense.”