Swann Calls for Reform of Corporate Tax Administration

CALGARY, AB (October 9, 2015): Dr. David Swann is calling on the government to act in the best interests of Alberta’s public finances and return administration of corporate tax collection to the Canada Revenue Agency [CRA].

“Allowing the CRA to administer our corporate tax collection simplifies the process and allows us to get the money we are owed up front,” says Swann. “It is in the best interest of the government and Albertans and would reduce our collection administration costs.”

Only Quebec and Alberta administer the collection of corporate taxes. In all other provinces, the CRA processes all returns, calculates the amount a province is owed and transfers that amount to the province up front. The CRA then takes responsibility for collecting outstanding taxes and fees.

Last October, the Auditor General reported that Alberta had a total of $885 Million in uncollected corporate taxes. In the most recent report, released this week, the Auditor confirmed that despite some cases being closed the Alberta Tax & Revenue Administration “does not have comprehensive policies and processes to ensure corporations file their returns or to issue a default assessment”.

“Returning administration to the CRA is a win-win for Albertans and the government,” says Swann. “I am calling on the Minister to do what’s best for Alberta’s finances.”