Swann Introduces Long-Time Advocates for Farm Safety in The House

EDMONTON, AB (June 18, 2015): Today in the house, Dr. David Swann introduced Eric Musekamp and Darlene Dunlop, prominent advocates for updating Alberta’s arcane Occupational Health and Safety regulations which currently do not protect paid farm workers.

The introduction comes on the 9th anniversary of the death of farmworker Kevan Chandler in a silage elevator who, without WCB coverage, left a widow and two children. Mr. Chandler’s widow then spent the next six years in court before, thanks to a compassionate lawyer, finally receiving a settlement.

Swann hopes that the introduction of Musekamp and Dunlop and the sharing of Kevan Chandler’s story will encourage the government to, at long last, bring Alberta out of the 19th century to join the rest of the country in providing OHS and WCB coverage to paid farm workers.