Swann to Support Amendment to Help Small Businesses

EDMONTON, AB (June 24, 2015): Dr. David Swann announced today he will support an amendment to Bill 2 that will lower Alberta’s small business tax rate from three to two per cent.

“In the last election Alberta Liberals campaigned on a promise to help small businesses in these tough economic times,” say Swann. “The amendment that will be proposed by the Official Opposition does that, and I will support it when it comes up for a vote tonight.

“Too much of the debate surrounding Bill 2 thus far has been rooted in ideology, with both sides claiming the others beliefs will bring ruin to the province. With this amendment we have an opportunity to do some good for small businesses that are struggling.

“Small businesses are the key to diversifying our economy and we need to ensure that they can manage through the current economy and continue to grow. Lowering the small business tax rate would help with that.

“At the beginning of this session the new government made a powerful statement by reaching across the aisle and seeking to cooperate with other parties. I call on them to do so again today by accepting this amendment.”