Unintended Consequences Should Force Rethink of PDD Home Safety Regulations

CALGARY, AB (September 9, 2015): Dr. David Swann today called on the NDP government to revisit new home safety regulations for clients of the Persons with Development Disabilities (PDD) program, saying the changes could result in some clients being evicted from their residences.

The new rules were drafted by the former PC government, and will soon see inspections of PDD clients’ homes to ensure that they meet heightened safety standards.

“While the new rules were well-intentioned, it is becoming clear that some landlords intend to evict their PDD tenants rather than undertake costly renovations to meet the higher safety standards,” says Swann. “We are nearing the end of a six month grace period granted by the previous regime, but thus far the NDP has taken no action to change course on a policy that will clearly have unintended consequences.”

Agencies that work with PDD clients have called on the government to pause the process and consult on next steps. Last July, Swann wrote to Premier Notley asking for her to change course.

“If the new safety rules could lead to PDD clients being evicted from their homes, then the province needs to step back and take another look at this,” says Swann. “Let’s take our time and ensure that this is done properly and in the best interests of allPDD clients.”